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In need of adorable, fun ways to elevate your brand and engage your audience? Want to turn every day followers into fans and FRIENDS. I am going to show you it doesn't take a magical unicorn to transform your social media presence and give you all my tips and tricks! By elevating your brand and showcasing your authentic, AMAZING self, we are going to take your social media and turn it from drab to FAB!

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Every photo tells a story but does every photographer know how to tell yours? Whether you are newly engaged or ready to tie the knot tomorrow, I've got you covered. As an international, award winning wedding photographer, I know how important telling YOUR story is. Let me capture your love story in a way that shows the generations to come the true essence of you two!

Wedding photography


I started my business with a D7100, brand new baby & a dream. I went from knowing nothing about business to building a six figure company that thrives. Over the last ten years I have learned what works and doesn't work, and I'm ready to share #allthethings. Let's put your business on the fast track to success. I'll be here to help you each step of the way.

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I believe in empowering women to live a joyful, inspiring life daily. I believe family is everything. I believe your dream life is possible. I believe in fairy tale endings and that meals should be shared with good company. I believe in helping others and being kind. I believe in good books and better blankets. I believe branding should be fun. And lastly, I believe we ALL have the power to change the world.

I believe in Christ. The unity of marriage. That timeless images are classic and classic will never be out of style. I believe in relationships and that moments that should not be forgotten. I believe in celebrating the good times and supporting each other in the bad. I believe a glass of red wine and a good piece of chocolate can solve all problems in the world. I believe in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in order to grow. 

FOunder of Katheryn Jeanne Photography based in Charlotte

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Whether you are here for wedding photography needs or you are looking to take your brand to the next level - I'm your girl.

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