I started my business with a D7100, brand new baby & a dream. I went from knowing nothing about business to building a six figure company that thrives. Over the last five years I have learned what works and doesn't work, and I'm ready to share #allthethings. Let's put your business on the fast track to success. I'll be here to help you each step of the way.

Do you ever feel unqualified to run a business? Are you currently shooting the types of clients you dream of photographing? Are you wondering how to simplify the millions of tasks you have to do each day just to keep your business afloat? Do you dream of taking your "side-hustle" full time? Well, look no further girlfriends. It's time we take back your life!

My goal for you is to bring your business to a speed where you can actually step away and enjoy life! Did you know you can actually relax when your kids head to preschool? That laundry list that is ever growing...Did you know you CAN get that stuff taken care of TODAY opposed to a week from now when you've finally caught up on work? Well I'm here to help you do just that! Welcome to the KJP Education Community. A place where dreams become reality...a place for you to THRIVE.

Meet Your teacher, Katy!

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"i'm blown away! I absolutely love these photos! katy is a genius!!

Black and White images have the power to evoke strong emotions when done correctly. My Black and White Preset is the perfect combination of light, romantic, soft black and whites that will have your clients reminiscing for years to come. A must have tool for every photographer.
This film inspired black and white preset gives you the light and airy feel, while still creating that romantic look only black and whites can.

I see you over there re-editing images over and over. Trying to nail those skin tones and pesky greens that we all struggle with! I know you are dying to create gorgeous and consistent bright and airy images for your clients but you are feeling stuck - Girl, don’t worry! I got you! I created my signature preset just for you! Let me help you creat the brights and airy image you Dream with less time, frustration, and re-editing your galleries

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For the everyday photographer with a phone & a camera - this is the perfect preset pack for you. Designed to work with LR Mobile (Available for Free in Your App Store) This preset pack covers all lighting situations. The KJ Mobile Preset Pack includes 8 mobile presets - KJ Warm, KJ Cool, KJ Travel, KJ Rose, KJ Interiors, KJ BLK, KJ Greens and of course the KJ Signature Mobile Preset.

The perfect combination of our two most popular presets. The KJ Signature Preset and KJ Black and White. *Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4 or later, Adobe Lightroom Classic & CC and Photoshop Adobe Camera RAW 7.0 or later. All Digital Files are Non Refundable


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